Leonard Read was an avid cook. To quote Mary Sennholz in Leonard Read, the Founder and Builder:

“It should not surprise us that a man who found so much fun and pleasure in life on the golf course and the curling rink, as did Leonard, displayed a great deal of interest in the practices of the “good life.” He took his cooking stove, saucepans, and pantry seriously and believed that dinner tables should be ever pleasant places in an otherwise arid world. With his love of innovation and experimentation Leonard transformed the Read cuisine into a gourmet’s laboratory, ever searching for exclusive culinary delights for the benefit of soul and body. Because Aggie, an excellent cook in her own right, didn’t care to be called upon to pare the potatoes or chop the vegetables while he put on the finishing touches, they agreed that each one would prepare his or her dishes from beginning to end. For many years, Leonard used to don a cook’s hat and prepare his Chicken Livers Leonardo for appreciative guests.”

Here are some recipes from Leonard Read’s collection.

Soufflé Glacé au Grand Marnier

Soufflé Glacé au Grand Marnier

Soufflés appear frequently in Leonard Read's recipe collection. Here is Soufflé Glacé au Grand Marnier, written…

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